Our Purpose

Grounded in love, the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough strives to be a welcoming community that embraces life with wonder and inquiry.  Dedicated to our Unitarian Universalist principles and inspired by our interconnection with all that is, we foster personal transformation and act for a just and sustainable world.


The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough welcomes you – just as you are – to our community. Whether you are looking for an open-minded faith community, a place to explore and question, or a place for your children to find their own religious path, I invite you to gather with us. Together, we learn as we search for truth. Together, we celebrate life’s gifts and share our burdens. Together, as a multigenerational and diverse community, we work toward peace and justice.
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Upcoming Services and Events

A Discussion on Psychotherapy

Sunday Service - July 27, 7:00pm
Gary Duim and Marion Habermehl

Marion and Gary will present summaries of some of the seminars they appreciated attending at The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference in California December 2013. An open discussion will follow, on issues related to psychotherapy, allowing for the sharing of experiences, opinions, and questions. 

Reflections on Nature

Sunday Service - August 3, 7:00pm
Scott Donovan and Jovanna Soligo

How does your relationship with nature nourish you? Where do you find your connection; drawing the paddle through still water, moving your hands in the soil of the garden, watching the clouds move across the sky? Join us for an interactive hour of poetry and story telling.

The Gift of Presence

Sunday Service - August 10, 7:00pm
Sandra Fiegehen

Most meditation practices involved silent introspection, but it’s easy to lose one’s focus and drift off into dreamland.  Come try a practice that uses the gift of another’s presence to help you experience yourself and life more fully.  We use a paired communication exercise in which you choose the focus of your investigation – your own “koan”.  Both the listener’s and the speaker’s roles are clearly defined in order to create a safe  container, allowing deeper connection with yourself and others.  You may discover that we are, indeed, “the universe getting to know itself”!!!

Sacred Circle Dance and Song

Sunday Service - August 17, 7:00pm
Linda Clark, Paula Greenwood and Alex Dziedzic

Sacred Circle Dances attune us to ourselves, our fellow dancers, and the earth. They come from around the world and are easy enough for everyone to join in. At this session, for an even richer experience, we will also learn simple songs to go along with the dances. We dance in a circle; no partners needed. And each dance is taught just before we dance it. Join us!

Exploring Spirituality - Expressing Creativity

Sunday Service - August 24, 7:00pm
Myria Rei-Solas

Open to new possibilities and new ways of being by exploring your spirituality and expressing your creativity. No experience with art making necessary.  Come to play! Dress to get messy, just in case!

What are We Here to Do?

Sunday Service - August 31, 7:00pm
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

Do you believe that there are identifiable needs that religion serves?  It has been said that "what the world needs is people who have come alive." (Howard Thurman)  So, let's explore what makes our UFP community come alive.  Because when we are fully alive, we can better serve the world.


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