Our Purpose

Grounded in love, the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough strives to be a welcoming community that embraces life with wonder and inquiry.  Dedicated to our Unitarian Universalist principles and inspired by our interconnection with all that is, we foster personal transformation and act for a just and sustainable world.


The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough welcomes you – just as you are – to our community. Whether you are looking for an open-minded faith community, a place to explore and question, or a place for your children to find their own religious path, I invite you to gather with us. Together, we learn as we search for truth. Together, we celebrate life’s gifts and share our burdens. Together, as a multigenerational and diverse community, we work toward peace and justice.
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Upcoming Services and Events

October's Theme: Possibility

Sunday Service - October 5, 10:00am
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

Music by Resonance and Linda Clark

Do you sometimes feel as if your life is like playing right field?...waiting for long spells for something to happen, for some opportunity or excitement to come your way?  What can we do to ‘catch’ more joy, more learning, more abundance? 
Service Co-leader: Paula Greenwood


Blessing of the Animals

Sunday Service - October 5, 5:00pm
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

In honour of World Animal Day, held on the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, UFP will hold our first ever (?) “Blessing of the Animals” in the front courtyard.  Bring your pets, or pictures of your pets, for this short service of blessing and gratitude.   If the weather is inclement, unfortunately, we’ll have to cancel.  

Humans as Plastic Action Figures

Sunday Service - October 12, 10:00am
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

Music by TBA

Dr. Norman Doidge’s book, The Brain that Changes Itself, suggests that this is always the opportunity for change and new growth.  What lessons might our brains teach us about the way life works...that is with endless possibilities for new pathways and connections?
Service Co-leader: Marian Habermehl 

The Valley of Ono

Sunday Service - October 19, 10:00am
Ric Jones

Music by The Occasionals

The story of Nehemiah from the Bible includes a description of a critical moment in the Valley of Ono.  Ric applies the lesson of this incident to modern life and organizational behaviour.  There are more productive ways of being in relationship together and working towards common goals.  The delightful twist in this old story will provide new ways of seeing organizational patterns.
Service Leader: Arthur Herold
Note: United Nations Day is October 24th.  We will be taking a special collection at this service in support of United Nations’ initiatives.

Dancing in their Graves: Multigenerational Service

Sunday Service - October 26, 10:00am
Multigenerational Team

Music by TBA

As, we pass through the seasons of Halloween, All Saints Day, and Samhain, we consider what might make our ancestors dance with joy and gratitude!  We’ll create an altar to honour those who have passed (bring photos and memorabilia) and dance in celebration of life and possibility! 

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