Our Purpose

Grounded in love, the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough strives to be a welcoming community that embraces life with wonder and inquiry.  Dedicated to our Unitarian Universalist principles and inspired by our interconnection with all that is, we foster personal transformation and act for a just and sustainable world.


The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough welcomes you – just as you are – to our community. Whether you are looking for an open-minded faith community, a place to explore and question, or a place for your children to find their own religious path, I invite you to gather with us. Together, we learn as we search for truth. Together, we celebrate life’s gifts and share our burdens. Together, as a multigenerational and diverse community, we work toward peace and justice.
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Upcoming Services and Events

November's Theme: Courage

Sunday Service - November 2, 10:00am
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

Music by Resonance and Linda Clark

As individuals, we know when something requires us to be courageous.  But group dynamics can discourage us from taking risks, or can block us from recognizing a call to action.  Can a congregation be courageous?  Let’s consider what we are called to do, and what that might require of us.
(Service Co-leader: Rosanna Pellizzari)  
Note: Daylight Savings Time Ends.  Fall Back!  

Celebration Sunday - How We Shine!

Sunday Service - November 9, 10:00am
Rev. Linda Thomson

Music by David Berger

On this day, we celebrate this beloved religious community by recognizing both our enormous capacity for life and our incredible potential to make a difference in the world.  The annual pledge campaign begins; Estimate of Giving cards will be distributed at the end of the service.
Our guest speaker is Congregational Development Staff for the Canadian Unitarian Council.  (Service Co-leader: Ben Wolfe)  

Heretics, Rebels, and Fools (?)

Sunday Service - November 16, 10:00am
Rev. Julie Stoneberg

Music by The Occasionals

Newcomers often say that our Unitarian congregation is unlike any church they’ve ever experienced.  (Do they mean that as a compliment?)  What is it that makes us different?  This is “Bring a Friend Sunday!”
(Service Co-leader: Jovanna Soligo) 

Choice in Dying

Sunday Service - November 23, 10:00am
Ellen Campbell

Music by Glen Caradus

For over 25 years, Unitarians have been part of a movement in Canada to enable terminally ill people to have a choice in the time and manner of their death.  It is consistent with our theological tenet that individual conscience is the source of moral authority and our commitment to a just and compassionate world.  Our guest speak was Executive Director of the CUC from 1990 to 2000. 
Note: We will be taking a special collection in support of Dying with Dignity (www.dyingwithdignity.ca)

Calling All Cowards

Sunday Service - November 30, 10:00am
Lynn Harrison

Music by Lynn Harrison

The theme of “courage” can bring out the best in us, but it can also remind us of the times we have not been courageous.  We covenant to live according to our principles, and yet at times we will fall short.  Today, all people are needed to create a more just and loving world.
Rev. Julie will be spending the morning with our children and youth. 
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